My name is Ania. I am a massive advocate of beauty and quality. I appreciate nature, art and that hand crafted touch that makes all things unique and special. I have always endeavoured to live the best quality of life, especially when it comes to the products that I buy and use.  

I spend many, many hours researching products, ensuring they meet those high standards that I have lived my life by over the years. 

I started this website for like minded people that share my values, in order to help you discover some of the beautiful things I have found for myself over the years. On this website you will only find products that are made with love, ethically sourced and are close to nature. These are all the values that MAYZAM will stand for. 

Standards and perspectives are different but my bars are very high and I am always choosing timeless pieces over temporary trends. From an early age I have suffered from very sensitive hair and skin, I test all products on myself first and I will have to be convinced strongly before I share anything with you.

I love being surrounded by positive and high vibration people and that makes me a magnet for a similar personalities. So you will not see lots of products or massive stocks of items, most of them will be limited as I work with incredible independent people and suppliers to always ensure items are exceptionally high quality and meet my values.

If you care as much as I do about beautiful things then please get in touch, check my store and let’s share that passion with others.

Ania x