For most of my life, I have struggled with my skin and being a perfectionist, I have searched for the methods to heal myself. I have visited many doctors and tried various medical drugs, diets, creams, and beauty treatments. It was a long journey for me until I found the perfect recipe for clear skin and a healthy body. I believe that this journey will always continue and develop to the next level of wisdom. 

I have realised that my own body is my best doctor that can heal itself once I help to supply necessary fuel (nourishing food), understand my own balance of microbes, and learn how to detox my body. This “healthy body and skin” formula is not that straightforward and is no one way to deal with it therefore I would be encouraging you to reach out to great education materials that I will be recommending and referring to on this website and on my Instagram profile so stay tuned. 

Once I managed to deal with my constant inflammation and got rid of the acne for good my main concern was how do I help my skin to work and heal on its own. I wanted to strengthen my skin barrier, make it smooth, get rid of these small bumps, even out the skin tone and make my skin glow without layering shiny highlighter and cover the redness with makeup. 

One day I came across an interview with Aleksandra Kubas who is the creator of ili ola products where she spoke about how her mousse is made and what it does to the skin. After hearing her own story, searching for a cream that would help her to recover from skin issues similar to mine I thought I found my soulmate. Aleksandra as cosmetic chemist managed to create 100% toxic-free products that support your skin to self-rejuvenation and do not contain water (meaning no preservatives) and have only the best quality oils that are combined in a way to not lose their nutritious values. I decided to try it. This was after not using any cream consistency products at all for a few years. 

I must say I was very pleased with the results that I wanted to order more and at the same time, I wrote to Aleksandra to say thank you for creating this product as nothing else on a market helped me as much as her magic cream. Our conversations became a bit longer than just exchanging “thank you” emails and today we are joining our power of spreading the word of how you can support your skin in a self-healing process in a natural way without any toxic ingredient that your body cannot recognise. 

I am very honoured that the “ili ola” brand is part of my first launch of MAYZAM products.


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